Marble Honing, Polishing, Chip, Crack & Seam Repair

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We will assess your marble situation and determine what the area will need for restoration back to its original shine or clean up the honed surface, whichever the case may be.

The area could need a polish only, a hone and polish or a grind, hone and polish. The route taken depends on the damage done. Often it is not understood by the homeowner that the calcium carbonate that makes up most marbles is very sensitive to acid. Most products in a kitchen or bathroom have some sort of acid in it and causes what is commonly known as “water spots”. In fact, they are etch marks which is damage to the stone. Whether addressing wear spots, removing etches, repairing cracks, chips, seams, or removing wax buildup on your marble surface, we can make you marble something be proud of again. Sealing of the marble surface is not always necessary, it depends on the type of marble, the finish on the marble and where it is installed.

Our project is not complete until you know exactly how your marble was damaged so you can avoid it again. Educating the client about their surface and how to maintain it is very important to us.

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